Hiding Your Caller ID

How do you hide your caller id?  All you have to do is press *67 before you make a call. But it will make your number show up as unknown, private or anonymous. Most people won’t pick up the phone.

How about disguising your caller id or putting a “mask” on it so it looks like another number? When you fake your caller id, or change it to another number that is called caller id spoofing. When it comes to hiding your caller id, this is probably the best way to go.

There are legitimate reasons for hiding your caller id so that you can make it look like you are calling from another phone number.

You can try caller id spoofing for free. Click here.

Here are some great uses for caller id spoofing.

1. Bail bondsmen – Best way to catch a criminal is to make it look like his momma is calling him when it’s really Joe’s Bail Bonds.

2. Law Enforcement – Enough Said

3. Doctors or any professionals – You don’t want your personal cell phone number showing up when you call someone after-hours, so changing your caller id to the office number is a great idea.

3. Catching a cheating spouse

4. Cheat on your spouse – Tell your hubby you are going to be home late from the office. The office number will show up on the caller id when they are really at a bar, restaurant, club, bathroom or hotel room

5. To have some fun. Nothing beats a good old harmless prank call.

6. Call a bill collector to settle a bill. If you call with your real phone number they will put your number in a database so that every company that you owe money to will now have your number.

7-10 – You can give me some reason by commenting below in the Facebook commenting section. I’ll update this post with some of your reasons.

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