Telephone Spoofing

Telephone Spoofing

Telephone Spoofing, are you really spoofing a telephone or are you spoofing a caller id? Well if your telephone has a caller id attached to it, I guess you actually be spoofing a telephone or telephone spoofing.

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In either case, its very easy to make a phone call and have another number show up on a caller id. This is done by getting a Spoof Card and making a call that will hide your caller id. Well, not hide it but make any number appear on a caller id so that it looks like you are calling from a different number.

Make it look like you are calling from 000-000-0000. So when your friends ask you whos number is 000-000-0000 you can tell them it belongs to nobody. Heck, if they answer if the phone after you make the number 000-000-0000 you can record or voice or record the call too.

So next time you want to do some telephone spoofing, head on over to Spoof Card and get pranking without getting caught.

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Using A Fake Number To Make Calls

Example of Caller ID spoofed via Orange Boxing, both the name and number are faked to reference “leetspeak”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you ever wanted to make it look like you were calling from another number, the technology is here. Making a phone call while a fake number shows up on caller id is easy. This is called caller id spoofing and you can actually try it at no cost RIGHT HERE.

 Changing your Caller ID easier than ever!  Along with making a call with a faker number,  you can also disguise  your voice, record record the call and even add background noise. You can start changing your caller ID now!

There have been rumors that making your number show up on a caller id was illegal..  ]Spoofing a caller id  is 100% legal. As long as you don’t use spoofing to commit a crime, you are ok.



The background noises will make is sound as if you were at an airport, club…ect
Call from anywhere using a dial-in phone card. It is not necessary computer or smart phone!
When faking your caller id the Free Call Recording is included.
Calls for recording and playback.
Voice changer free with our spoofing.
Male voice? A female voice? …
Using Caller ID fraudster queries from anywhere using phone cards. Use iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. NEW! background noises

Caller Id Spoofing Sites

Here is a list of the current Caller Id Spoofing sites. With caller id spoofing you can change your caller id to another number or fake caller id. Some of these services even let you record the call or change your voice. Caller id spoofing is legal as long as you don’t use it to defraud. Faking caller id is used by doctors, investigators, bail bondsmen and some bill collectors.

Here is the list.




Feel free to comment below if you have any more sites to add to this list. Thanks.