March 28, 2017 Mini

Free Caller ID Spoofing

No… your baby isn’t ugly. That’s fake. Just like faking your caller id. Check out the video below to see what you can do with free caller id spoofing.

Faking your caller id so another number gets displayed on a caller id is called spoofing. I’m sure you have heard of spoofed emails, spoofed texts and spoofed phone calls.

Whey would anyone want to spoof their caller id? The answer is simple. If mainly for prank calls now but bill collectors still use this method to try to track you down.

Is caller id spoofing legal?

Yes. Disguising your caller id to make another number show up is legal as long as you do not use it for harmful purposes.

Legitimate business and law enforcement use this tool for catching the bad guys.


Are there any websites to try out caller id spoofing for free?

Here is our list.

Free Caller Id Spoofing

Fake Your Caller ID



– SpoofCard use to offer text spoofing. But they discontinued the service. You may find other text message spoofing sites out there but beware. Some of them really suck. One of our staff members had to request a refund from the app store because the text spoofing didn’t work.

We wish SpoofCard would bring back text message spoofing.