Countries Where Faking Your Caller ID Works

The list have countries where you can spoof has gotten smaller in the last 7 years. Here is a list of countries and spoofing access numbers.

The following are access numbers to spoof card around the world. You can check here to find an updated list with country codes if they are updated. Some countries do not allow you to change your caller ID to another number when making calls. Check the laws in your country before using this service.

Country Selected:

CityStateCountryAccess Number

AllUnited StatesUS+1 305-501-2777
WarsawPolandPL+48 0223988372
RomaItalyIT+39 06 9480 1494
Tel AvivIsraelIL+972 3-978-6564
AthensGreeceGR+30 21 1198 0086
LondonUKGB+44 20 3608 4706
SantiagoDRDO+1 829-947-3559
VancouverCanadaCA+1 604-484-9259
OttawaCanadaCA+1 613-909-0480
SaskatoonCanadaCA+1 306-992-0091
AlbertaCanadaCA+1 587-400-4195
Nova ScotiaCanadaCA+1 902-701-8370
TorontoCanadaCA+1 647-799-0150
MontrealCanadaCA+1 514-700-1421
Sao PauloBrazilBR+55 11 3958-7500
BrusselsBelgiumBE+32 2 808 64 77
SydneyAustraliaAU+61 2 8417 2461
ViennaAustriaAT+43 720 880023

Spoofing Scam? Since When is spoofing scamming.

Actually changing your caller id to another number is not against the law. In fact if you use Google Voice/Hangouts you probably already have a second line on your phone.

The issue with spoofing is using it to pretend you are government or emergency personal or to cause harm to someone.

Here are a few news stories about spoofing

“People in Ingham County are getting phone calls from a number that’s been compromised from the Sheriff’s Office claiming that they either owe back taxes or they have a warrant for their arrest,” explained Sgt. Greg Harris with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office.

The person on the line then demands you pay them, things the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t do.

“The people making the call obviously are not from the Sheriff’s Office. They’re fraudulent activities,” said Sgt. Harris.

And it’s only getting easier.

Photo by acidpix

Greatest Prank Call – Use Caller ID Spoofing

One of the ways these guys never got caught pranking radio stations was using caller id spoofing. Spoofing your phone number is the ability to make it look like you are calling from another phone number. In essence, the number that shows up on someone’s smartphone or a caller id is not really yours.

These guys put that to the test. Enjoy.

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

Using A Fake Number To Make Calls

Example of Caller ID spoofed via Orange Boxing, both the name and number are faked to reference “leetspeak”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you ever wanted to make it look like you were calling from another number, the technology is here. Making a phone call while a fake number shows up on caller id is easy. This is called caller id spoofing and you can actually try it at no cost RIGHT HERE.

 Changing your Caller ID easier than ever!  Along with making a call with a faker number,  you can also disguise  your voice, record record the call and even add background noise. You can start changing your caller ID now!

There have been rumors that making your number show up on a caller id was illegal..  ]Spoofing a caller id  is 100% legal. As long as you don’t use spoofing to commit a crime, you are ok.



The background noises will make is sound as if you were at an airport, club…ect
Call from anywhere using a dial-in phone card. It is not necessary computer or smart phone!
When faking your caller id the Free Call Recording is included.
Calls for recording and playback.
Voice changer free with our spoofing.
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Caller ID Changing?

The act of making another number show up on a caller id other than your own number is called spoofing.   (Try it Free)

It’s tricking the person’s phone into thinking another number is calling and thus faking your caller id.  The technology has been around for a while and now it’s available to the public.

Here are some uses for making another number appear on a caller id.

Professionals –  You use your smartphone for business calls but don’t want the client to know your real number.

Bail Bondsmen – Best way to get a suspect is to make it look like his momma is calling.

Suspicious spouses or significant others –  Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on your faking your caller id is s great way to find out if they are cheating.

Anonymous calls –  Most people don’t pick up blocked or unkown calls. Make it look like another number and the person is most likely to pick up.


Faking You Caller ID – Change what number show up on a caller id

You want to be slick and fake your number so it shows up as a different number when someone calls?  We’ll that pretty easy.

This is called Caller ID Spoofing. It has been around for a while.  Spoofing is the ability to disguise your caller id.  We won’t get into the history of caller id spoofing or the technical jargon.

Did you want to try out some caller id spoofing for free? You can try a demo of it to see how you like it by CLICKING HERE.

We always like stuff that you can try before you buy.

If you are reading this and wondering why anyone would want to use caller id spoofing, here is a list of reasons why people want to change the number that displays on caller id so they can fake their phone number.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Here are some legitimate reasons why someone or a company would want to fake their caller id.

  1. Calls from a large company, especially with multiple branches, where sending the main number makes sense. For example, a hospital might have the primary number 555-1000, with perhaps 250 lines inside the main building, and another 100 at the clinic five miles away. While some of the phones will have “555-10XX” numbers, many won’t have any identifiable line. Having all calls “come from” 555-1000 lets the recipients know it’s a hospital call.
  2. A company with a toll-free telephone number may prefer the caller ID to display this number.
  3. A call center making calls on behalf of many clients may prefer the caller ID to display a different number for each client’s calls.
  4. Commercial answering-service bureaus which forward calls back out to a subscriber’s cell phone, when both parties would prefer the caller ID to display the original caller’s information.
  5. Most calling-card companies display the caller ID of the calling-card user to the called party.
  6. Business owners have been known to use caller ID spoofing to display their business number on the caller ID display when calling from outside the office (for example, on a mobile phone).
  7. Google Voice displays its users’ Google Voice number when they place calls through the service using their landline or cell phone.
  8. Gizmo5 (now defunct) sent the user’s Gizmo5 SIP number as outbound caller ID on all calls. Because Gizmo5 IDs were in the format 747NXXXXXX, it was possible to confuse calls made from Gizmo5 with calls made from area code 747.
  9. The New York Times sent the number 111-111-1111 for all calls made from its offices until 15 August 2011. The fake number was intended to prevent the extensions of its reporters appearing in call logs, and thus protect reporters from having to divulge calls made to anonymous sources. The Times abandoned this practice because of the proposed changes to the caller ID law, and because many companies were blocking calls from the well-known number.[29]
  10. Wirelessly calling 911 involves, in one worst-case scenario, the immediate muster of available, expensive, universal translation and relay resources to determine from the caller’s spoken language, not known to the responding dispatcher, the address of the emergency. Caller ID spoofing the street address of a 911 call known to local GPS, by GPS to street address decoding software, running on the same IP connection as a wireless VoIP 911 call, could save these resources and improve service by delivering GPS-accurate location data to the dispatched responders at the time it is needed. (Only about ten hexadecimal digits are needed.)

Make Another Number Show Up On Caller ID

If you ever wanted to make another number show up on someone’s phone, the technology is here and it has been available for years.

A lot of people has used THIS TECHNOLOGY to catch cheating boyfriends and girlfriends.  They usually go about this by calling them with a different number.

You can also access someone’s voicemail by calling them with their OWN phone number. However it won’t work if the person has added a PIN number to access their voice mail.

This voicemail hack has been around for years.  If want to get even sneakier, you could use a mobile spy app to read texts and other info on the phone.

If you want to make another number show up on a caller id, CHECK THIS OUT.

Caller ID Spoofing APPS/Software

No need for software if you want to change your caller id to another number. There are apps for android and online services that will let you disguise your real number when placing a call.

Some of these services even let you disguise your voice and add background noises for a better effect.  free spoof calls

Why would anyone want to use a spoofing software?

Well most uses are for prank or phoney phone calls.  There are other bonified uses for spoofing your caller id.  Most of these are business related.

You can try out a free demo and even hide your number just by trying this out!!!


Review: One of the most legit caller id spoofing websites is

For years SpoofCard has been the leader in the caller id spoofing industry.

SpoofCard was founded by Mier Coen. According SpoofCard’s corporate website:

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Meir handles TelTech’s business and operating strategy as well as oversees daily operations. He brings 8 years of telecom experience, product development, business development, strategic marketing, and operations.


SpoofCard’s customer service is second to none. We have seen their customer service in action via email, Twitter and even Facebook.  They put out a great product at a great price!!

Below are some recent reviews of Spoofcard.

caller id spoofing reviews

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