What Is Caller ID Spoofing?

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Spoofing Caller ID is the ability to cause a telephone or mobile network to display a different number on the receiver of the calls Caller ID display or smartphone that is not the real number. Spoofing is usually a term in which the call is done to cause harm. Most spoof calls are done as practical jokes so the caller can fake their caller id so they can disguise it.  – Wikipedia



In 2005 , there were a few websites that launched so customers could fake their caller id.  These sites included PiPhone.com, CallNotes, SecretCalls, StayUnknown, SpoofTech, and SpoofCard.com.   Spoofcard is still going strong and has the best services of all the caller id spoofing sites.

You can even try a free demo to spoof a call right now.



On June 13th 2007 the U.S.  Government passed  the “Truth in Caller ID Act” which makes it”

“unlawful for any person within the United States, in connection with any telecommunications service or VOIP service, to cause any caller identification service to transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification information with the intent to defraud or cause harm.”

Basically changing your caller id is legal as long as you don’t do it to defraud or cause harm.

Make Your Phone Number Appear As Another Number on a Caller Id




Make Any Number Show Up On A Caller ID Display

Read for yourself what some of our users have said. We’ve left out the hysterical stuff, like the pranks and gags—we trust you’re capable of coming up with your own fun – but we’d like to give you a glimpse of how valuable hiding your caller id has been to people all across the spectrum of cell phone and telephone users. If you have a phone, we can change your caller id For example: You have a filing system to turn to every time you need to refer to a document. You have a computer program to show you every email and project you’ve worked on. But where can you go to find a complete documentation with notes and recordings of all of your phone conversations? With our features, business people just like you can almost singlehandedly document all of their telephone activities and at a fraction of the cost of back office staff. Keep call notes after every phone call! Keep them private or mail them for transcription! Order Today!


Customers that use this caller id changer for sales calls make the most of almost every feature.

Caller ID Spoof: This can be used in many ways. Firstly, it’s a great way to hide from people the fact that you are calling from your home or cell or anywhere away from the office. Just plug in your office or business number, and they’ll think you’re there. If instead, you only block the number you are really calling from, then the majority of times, your call will not get answered. Also, if you do business across time zones or internationally, you can still conduct your sales without having to actually be in that office in those off-hour times. Another nice hint: cold calls are more readily answered when the Caller ID shows “Unavailable” (which is an option we offer!) rather than “Private” or “Blocked.” Try this and see the results for yourself. Call Notes: This is a crucial tool for caller id changer free. In addition to leaving notes for yourself, it enables you to give over information to someone else without having to share the whole conversation. It could be just an explanation of the order, or a mistake that needs to be corrected or instructions you want followed. Being able to send specific information to the right person saves a lot of time, energy and money in the long run and is a feature that you’ll soon find indispensable. Phone Book / Call Log: There is just sooo much that you can pre-program in our Phone Book, not to mention that our Call Log syncs with your Outlook. You can even set reminders of when to next call your customers again. And by the way, before that next call, you can retrieve any important information you saved in the Call Notes you recorded after your last conversation with them! Everything is right there and it will seem like you never forget a thing! What a great way to prevent a costly or embarrassing mistake. Voice Changer: This feature can be used when you want it to appear that it is your secretary or supervisor or any other person that is making the call. The potential of this feature can’t be overestimated.



You and your staffs are probably the ones who love us the most. For volume users, just shoot us an email to arrange for a custom billing solution and other made-to-order features that will make our system your dream come true.

Caller ID Spoof: When making calls from anywhere outside the office, we know you want your main office number to show up on the Caller ID. This is especially useful when making calls from home at night or from your cell on the road. For most doctors, we have easy-to-use dialing that eliminates most of the prompted selections in order to make the call simpler and faster. Call Notes: This feature is crucial. No need for the staff to decipher your chicken scrabble on sticky pads or notes on dinner napkins. Also, there is no need to dictate repetitive data identifying the caller followed by directions. After each call, which will automatically be recorded, all you have to do is leave your instructions or comments, which can then easily be retrieved or automatically sent to your staff for processing and storage in patient records. Save Features and Call Logs: The fact that all of the actual conversations as well as all of the information relating to the call can be stored and retrieved can provide incontrovertible proof of what actually took place, should anyone claim that something different was said or occurred. Try is for free caller id changer.



Disguising your caller id is great for both the small town lawyer and the big city firm alike. If you would like to keep your personal numbers private, track the amount of time spent on a call with your client, or send a call summary to your assistant, this caller id technology is a must.

Caller ID Spoof: Keeping your personal numbers private is the name of the game. Call from anywhere and never give up a number that you want to protect. The bottom line is, all of the features that benefit a novice, benefit the professional that much more. Call Notes: Again, this is a made-to-order feature for any professional. Right after the call, you call leave detailed instructions and comments for yourself or any member of your staff, for immediate or future use. Phone Book/Call Log: These features have multiple uses. First of all, every contact listed in your Phone Book can be programmed with a set of pre-determined selections. In addition, our Call Log lists all of the information you need for billing and accounting purposes, as well as listings of your phone recordings. No one can ever again dispute the amount of time you spent on that call. You even have the recording itself to use in any way you choose. In addition, you can use the Call Log to sort the data in any number of ways: by time, date, clients, even those with multiple numbers. And again, don’t forget the benefits of monitoring all of your call activities without the need of any back office employees.



Well, let’s just say that we have a lot of you guys as great customers. If this is what you do, then we don’t need to spell out how you can use us. But we will tell you this: We do more and we do it better, than anybody else out there. We’d love to show you how! Example: You need to apprehend a guy that jumped bail? You can use the criminal’s mother’s phone number and have her number show up on the criminal’s caller id. He’ll think his momma is calling when it’s you. He’ll pick up the phone so you can make sure of the location of your fugitive. BUSTED BY SPOOFING.


Making another number show up on a caller id is great for both individual callers and larger call centers alike. Pretending to be the customer, disguising your voice, recording the call and summarizing the experience afterwards are all you will need to do to get your job done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Caller ID Spoof and Voice Changer: In addition to masking your own number, in most cases, especially when making repeat calls, it is crucial to assume a different identity. We make that easy, especially with the added benefit of the exceptional quality of our voice changing capabilities. And with our Phone Book and Call Log features, you can keep track of who you were when! Call Notes: Depending on your goal, this feature can be used to summarize, make notes or give your opinion on the call just placed. This is a great feature when giving constructive criticism—your store or employee can hear for themselves how they sounded and exactly what you think they did wrong and how to correct it. The fact that all of these conversations and relevant data can be saved and stored can be invaluable proof in case corrective action or dismissal is contested.


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What is Phone Caller ID Spoofing?
Faking a Phone Caller ID

Spoofing is disguising the real number that will show up on a phone. It lets you call a person and have any telephone number you want displayed on the person’s phone you are calling. Why would you want to do such a thing you may be asking, or the wheels may already be turning in your mind about all the possibilities!


The Best Prank Calls

One of the best reasons to use a Spoofcard is Prank Phone Calls. The awesome effect of having a spoofed phone number displayed of your target’s telephone is priceless! Take the following for an example.

I have a good friend, Sal, that has a massive labrador named Butchy. Now my friend treats this dog like it is one of his family members, I mean he spoils this k9 to no end. Well a while back, my friend got me pretty good so I just had to get back at him. I called his house and said I was the town animal enforcement officer and due to many complaints about his dog. The complaints included barking all night and chasing people. Well let me tell you, Sal went insane! Yelling and cursing, it was like you were taking his children away! It got to a point that I came clean and told him, GOT YOU BACK SAL!

SAL was so relieved that it was a prank call. He told me that at first he thought it may have been a crank call but when he looked at the display on his telephone it showed the city phone number.

Now without phone card for the spoofcard, this prank call would have ended quickly and I would SpoofCard Caller ID Spoofinghave not been able to take my revenge on my buddy Sal for his practical joke.

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

Is your girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on you? Well with Spoofcard you have the ability to change how your voice sounds and even change a male voice into a female voice or female into male voice!

The combined effect of a Spoofcard and a disguised voice is a great investigation tool.
Private Eye – Bounty Hunter – Police – – IT’S THE EASIEST WAY TO COLLECT A DEBT.

Image by Johann C. Rocholl via Flickr


Speaking of investigations, being able to fake / spoof your phone is an invaluable tool for Private Eye’s, Bounty Hunters and Police. Being able to hide your true identity with a fake number a can put your target at ease while you speak with them.
Endless Uses of faking the number that shows up on a phone

The uses for making a phony number show up on a cell are endless, only your imagination is the limitation. From the funny and outrageous to the serious and investigative. Spoofing services offer many advantages, from faking your telephone number, changing your voice and even recording your calls.

Try the Spoofcard and you can use it as a way to change your number the way you want.
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How Do Richard And Sal Tradio Howard Stern

Richard and Sal from the Howard Stern show use a Spoofcard to make prank phone calls. With the Spoofcard, they can call a radio station in Indiana from New York City and make it look like the call is coming from Indiana. With  the Spoofcard, they can change their voice, record the call and make it look like they are calling from another phone number. They don’t use a physical calling card. They use their computer to make prank phone calls. Howard loves Sal and Richard prank calls to Tradio. Hellllllllllloooooooooooo and welcome to Tradiooooooooooooo. lol

You can actually do free caller id spoofing. You can try the  for free three times on any phone. Then you have to pay. It’s worth the dollars.

SpoofCard Caller ID Spoofing

by Free Caller ID Spoofing

Free Caller ID Spoofing – Change Your Caller Id To Another Number

Yes, you can actually use and try this amazing technology for FREE three times. But once you try it you’ll be hooked on the hours of fun changing what number shows up on a caller id.  Feel free to try it and call someone using another number.

Free Caller ID Spoofcard

This is the way to change your caller id to another number. You can record the call, change your voice and make any number you want show up on the caller id of the person you are calling. This is the best way to collect a debt. You can make the phone number 000-000-0000.  You can make it look like you are calling from someone else’s phone number. You can catch your spouse cheating by using this card.

It’s not a physical calling card. You can try it for free. If you like it you can buy minutes on the spoofcard. It’s great for the best prank call ever.

How do you catch your spouse cheating? Simple, you can use the spoofcard.
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Spoofing Scam? Since When is spoofing scamming.

Actually changing your caller id to another number is not against the law. In fact if you use Google Voice/Hangouts you probably already have a second line on your phone.

The issue with spoofing is using it to pretend you are government or emergency personal or to cause harm to someone.

Here are a few news stories about spoofing

“People in Ingham County are getting phone calls from a number that’s been compromised from the Sheriff’s Office claiming that they either owe back taxes or they have a warrant for their arrest,” explained Sgt. Greg Harris with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office.

The person on the line then demands you pay them, things the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t do.

“The people making the call obviously are not from the Sheriff’s Office. They’re fraudulent activities,” said Sgt. Harris.

And it’s only getting easier.

Greatest Prank Call – Use Caller ID Spoofing

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One of the ways these guys never got caught pranking radio stations was using caller id spoofing. Spoofing your phone number is the ability to make it look like you are calling from another phone number. In essence, the number that shows up on someone’s smartphone or a caller id is not really yours.

These guys put that to the test. Enjoy.

Phone Number Disguise with Another Number


It’s pretty easy if you want to make another phone number appear on someone’s phone when you are calling them. For example say your number is 222-222-2222 and you wan to make it look like 999-999-9999 is calling then this is what it does. This is called spoofing. It can be done very easily. CHECK IT OUT!



Using A Fake Number To Make Calls


Example of Caller ID spoofed via Orange Boxing, both the name and number are faked to reference “leetspeak”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you ever wanted to make it look like you were calling from another number, the technology is here. Making a phone call while a fake number shows up on caller id is easy. This is called caller id spoofing and you can actually try it at no cost RIGHT HERE.

 Changing your Caller ID easier than ever!  Along with making a call with a faker number,  you can also disguise  your voice, record record the call and even add background noise. You can start changing your caller ID now!

There have been rumors that making your number show up on a caller id was illegal..  ]Spoofing a caller id  is 100% legal. As long as you don’t use spoofing to commit a crime, you are ok.


The background noises will make is sound as if you were at an airport, club…ect
Call from anywhere using a dial-in phone card. It is not necessary computer or smart phone!
When faking your caller id the Free Call Recording is included.
Calls for recording and playback.
Voice changer free with our spoofing.
Male voice? A female voice? …
Using Caller ID fraudster queries from anywhere using phone cards. Use iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. NEW! background noises

How Can You Call From Another Phone Number?

free-spoofing-id-caller (2)

Recently someone asked me, how did you call me with another person’s caller id showing up on my phone.  I told them I had “spoofed” them. This is the technology used to make any number you want to show up on a caller id.


There were laws attempted at trying to outlaw spoofing. But because there are so many legitimate uses, there was just no way to really regulate it.

It is illegal to use spoofing when used for a crime like identity theft, or impersonating police or fire.   Some people have even sent SWAT teams to someones house as a joke when in fact using spoofing like this is completely wrong.


if you want to try a free demo of caller id spoofing you can >>>>CHECK THIS OUT<<<

[note] TRY IT BEFORE IT’S GONE [/note]





Caller ID Changing?

green check

The act of making another number show up on a caller id other than your own number is called spoofing.   (Try it Free)

It’s tricking the person’s phone into thinking another number is calling and thus faking your caller id.  The technology has been around for a while and now it’s available to the public.

Here are some uses for making another number appear on a caller id.

Professionals –  You use your smartphone for business calls but don’t want the client to know your real number.

Bail Bondsmen – Best way to get a suspect is to make it look like his momma is calling.

Suspicious spouses or significant others –  Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on your faking your caller id is s great way to find out if they are cheating.

Anonymous calls –  Most people don’t pick up blocked or unkown calls. Make it look like another number and the person is most likely to pick up.


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