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Where to find Free Caller ID Spoofing, and Does It Exist?

Is there such thing as free caller id spoofing?

Yes, You can use services that spoof caller id for free but they are usually trials or demos. Most of these demos only last for 60 seconds and the trial is good enough to test the service to see if you want to purchase it.

You can check out a demo at this website.

Here is a list of the current sites that offer services to change your caller id so that it can appear to be any number you want to the person you are calling. Some of these caller id changer sites even let you record the call or change your voice. Faking caller id is used by doctors, investigators, bail bondsmen and some bill collectors.

Caller id spoofing is legal as long as you don’t use it to defraud. If you plan on using them to cause harm,

Here is a list of caller id spoofing websites.







features of spoofing

features of spoofing

Answers to Common Questions

What is Free Caller ID Spoofing ?

Free Caller ID Spoofing offers the ability to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive phone call. Simply dial the toll free number and then your PIN. You’ll then be prompted to enter the destination number followed by the phone number to appear on caller ID. It’s that easy!

Is spoofing legal?

Yes. Each of the capabilities of Free Caller ID Spoofing is legal in the US. However, certain uses may be illegal depending on which state you are calling from or to. For example, a handful of states have passed laws that make it illegal to spoof caller ID for certain purposes, such as “to mislead, defraud or deceive the recipient of a telephone call.” Before using the spoofing capability of Free Caller ID Spoofing , you should determine whether, given the reason that you want to use the service, its use would be legal in the state where you are calling from and the state where the party you are calling is located. In addition, it is illegal under the law of numerous states to record a telephone call without informing the other party that the call is being recorded. Before using the recording capability of Free Caller ID Spoofing , you should determine whether it is legal in the state where you are calling from and the state where the party you are calling is located to record the call without informing the called party. If you do not know whether such recording is legal in both states, you should protect yourself from possible state criminal prosecution by informing the other party that you are recording the conversation. Free Caller ID Spoofing cannot monitor conversations to determine whether they are being legally spoofed or recorded. Free Caller ID Spoofing disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for your use of the Card’s spoofing or recording capability.

What other features does Free Caller ID Spoofing offer?

You have the ability to change your voice to a Male or Female. If you do choose to change your voice, the person whom you call will hear your transformed voice in real-time. We also offer the option to record your conversation, which can later be retrieved by logging-in to the control panel or calling the toll-free access number from any phone. There is no extra cost for these features and they are included with your purchase.

What are some examples of Free Caller ID Spoofing uses?

Many! For example, business professionals such as doctors can return calls using their personal telephones without disclosing phone numbers they prefer to keep private. Also, the free Call Recording Feature enables many businesses to have a record of a verbal order or transaction that can be referred back to later.

Can calls be traced back to me?

Your financial, personal and call records are all confidential and are untraceable. However, if there is illegal activity and we are served with a subpoena, we will cooperate with the court.

Can any number be used to show up on the Caller ID?

Any 10 digit number can be used. Not only will the number show up but also the Name registered for that number would automatically appear.

What number will show up on the phone bill of the person whom I call?

Whatever number you enter as the spoof number will show up on the bill of the person you called. They won’t ever see your actual phone number!

How safe is my data?

All information which passes between our servers and your computer is encrypted using a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same technology that banks use to protect data.

How private is my data?

Free Caller ID Spoofing is built around the principle that only you can access your data. We undertake never to reveal any data to anyone, unless required to do so by law.

Can I call Internationally?

At this time, Free Caller ID Spoofing does not offer international calling. This option will be available in the near future.

Can I dial the access number from any phone?

Free Caller ID Spoofing does not support dialing the access number from a Payphone or Skype. You may dial the access number from any other phone.

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